Daniel I. Scully

Photograph of a section of the printed PhD thesis

PhD Viva and Thesis

While this doesn’t really qualify for a full blog post I feel like posting an update on where I am.

I submitted my PhD thesis some time in mid September, and had my viva on Friday 18th October, which I passed with minor corrections (that’s about as good as it gets). While I’m waiting for confirmation from the examiner I think I’ve taken care of those corrections last Monday.

I’m now off to look for a job!


The Human Touch

One of the best presents I got at Christmas this year was “The Signal and the Noise: The Art and Science of Prediction” by Nate Silver. You may have come across Nate Silver from his successful predictions of recent US Presidential elections and the book is broadly about making predictions in various fields: finance, baseball, politics etc. There are many take-home messages on making good predictions, and not making bad ones, but there was one theme in particular which resonated with some of my own thinking. Read On…


Sensible Attribution

Things used to be small and simple, for scientists anyway. Early in scientific history most research was conducted by a lone eccentric in a basement laboratory and even as science became a more mainstream occupation it was rare that more than a couple of scientists would ever be needed to collaborate together. Identifying where credit was due then was a simple task. But not any more. Read On…