Daniel I. Scully


Designing the Lynn Charity Stages website

Earlier this year I designed and built a new website for the Lynn Charity Stages rally, an annual motor sport event held by King’s Lynn & District Motor Club. It’s a small and simple website but I’m quite pleased with how it came out, so thought you may be interested in the thinking behind its design, and a tour of its more interesting features. Read On…


Maths in Early HTML

Tim Berners-Lee invented HTML and the web while working at the particle physics lab CERN as a way for scientists to communicate ideas. It will come as no surprise to learn that a large part of science comes in the form of maths, so it’s surprising that even today maths has never really been given proper attention when it comes to display on websites. But it could all have been so different… Read On…


Antarctic Station

It’s a little out of my usual area of science and, to be honest, even the sort of thing I would read about casually. But recently I’ve quite enjoyed following the exploits of the Princess Elisabeth, Antactica station –  a Belgian research outpost about 220km inland from the icy continent’s East coast. Read On…

Laptop at night

Never Finished: Developing in Public

It’s been a few months now since I put out the new redesign of this site despite the fact that then, as now, it wasn’t really finished. I was nervous about developing in public and whether it would work, but now seems a good time to call it one way or the other. Read On…


First Post

Welcome to my new blog!

Before today, everything I used on this site was my own. I wrote everything from scratch and by hand, not utilising a single external library. But these days I spend more of my working life in front of a keyboard, and correspondingly less time doing the same thing in my free-time at home. So productivity on my personal projects has fallen. I still want to do everything myself, but if I do then I’ll never see the results. Hence I’ve moved to using WordPress to write this blog. Read On…