Daniel I. Scully

My GitHub

In addition to the projects listed below, I keep other projects on my GitHub account. These projects include:

  • oscillations - Calculate neutrino oscillation probabilities easily.
  • afinalunity - Extract files from Star Trek TNG: A Final Unity.
  • dstdlib - An implementation of the C++ standard libaray.
  • Colour.js - A JavaScript class for reading, printing and converting colours.
  • feynweb - Library and editor for drawing Feynman diagrams.

A list of all my GitHub projects can be found on my account page.


A simple weather web app which will show you the Met Office forecast where you are.

Beginner's Guide To MathML

A general introduction to MathML - the W3C specification for marking up mathematical equations which is now also an integral part of HTML5.

The tutorial is suitable for people with knowledge of XML and HTML who want to get started with presentational MathML but can't find a simple guide anywhere else. It is updated periodically to keep it up-to-date with MathML usage.

So if you need to put maths into your website here's the Beginner's Guide to MathML you needed.


A facility for generating graphs online using JavaScript.

An early dGraph development version is currently available to view. It is a non-interactive demonstration of the library's present state.

The project's goals are to draw basic graphs based around solid scientific design requirements. A JavaScript API will allow these graphs to be included in other websites, and eventually an online user interface will allow individual graph creation.


Accompanying the feynweb library, is an online user-interface to allow authoring, editing and exporting diagrams for use elsewhere. It's currently work in progress: development version 0.2 (03.09.2013).